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Our Apartments

Kera apartments consist of 16 apartments, including:

5 single-room apartments of 25 m² for 2 people
9 two-room apartments of 35 m² for 2 to 4 people
2 three-room apartments of 65 m² for 4 or 5 people

All the apartments are air-conditioned, including a fully equipped kitchen, balconies with a view to the sea, while there is access to wireless connection to the internet.


The whole outdoor environment is surrounded by gardens, full of flowers, palm trees, vineyards and fruit trees, including a cafe', located in a terrace in front of the sea, where you can relax, or enjoy your coffee, all day long.
Although the sea lies only a few meters away, there is also a large 170 m² swimming pool where you can go swimming as well.
Friendly service, room cleaning, and a parking space for your vehicles are provided.